About MyHomePlaySchool

Take control of your child's learning and development

MyHome playschool program brings a structured and effective ECCE curriculum right to your home. We cater to kids from the age group 18 months to 4 years. After completing all levels of our program child can directly seek admission at KG/K2 level in a formal school.

MyHome Playschool is a program that recognizes the importance of Early Childhood Education in a child's’ life. 85% of our brain develops before the age of 4years and about 95% by the time we are 5 years. Our brains need varied and structured stimuli to build an effective neural network.
Random activities with no structured learning outcome can possibly lead to certain areas of the brain not being used effectively.

Parents often do not know which activities to focus on. With a plethora of worksheets and activities available on the internet, parents get further confused and grapple from one website to another. Depending on youtube videos/mobile apps is not prudent as well. EScreen exposes your child to dangerous electromagnetic radiations. These online activities further ignore the social, communication, and emotional requirement of the child.

MyHomeschool program undertaken by parents for just one hour every day as per instructions ensures all relevant age-appropriate skills of children are addressed.

Following instruments will be provided to parents for this program

1) Age-appropriate Worksheets
2) Fine Motor activity schedule (daywise)
3) Gross Motor activity schedule (daywise)
4) Creative activity worksheets along with reference images
5) Activity Description sheet that will tell you learning outcomes of each of the above activities This sheet will also give you all information on how to undertake these activities
6) Interesting Conversation pointers along with theme-based picture cards that will tell you what questions to ask and what information to give the child as per the age.
7) Video tutorial for parents

After six months of program assessment of the child will be based on the following areas of learning & development:

• Language & Literacy Development
• Mathematics
• Fine Motor Skills
• Gross Motor Skills
• Social and Emotional Development
• Understanding of world around
• Creative expression and imagination.

A detailed 4-page parent-led assessment report form will be provided only on the Registration of six-month module.
We aim to provide you with all the support that you need for ensuring that your child gets the best of learning and development in this crucial early stage of life.
We also aim at making beautiful memories for you and your family. Be a happy parent. Your child needs you to smile around him/her!
Speak to us on 9999676960 (10am - 6pm)