Got any Questions?

   (Here are most FAQs about this program)

What is MyHomePlaySchool Program?

It is a home-based playschool program designed by Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) experts for kids in the age group of 1.5yr – 4yr. It equips parents with the necessary resources and knowledge to undertake age-appropriate learning activities with the child at home. This program ensures that the child does not miss any skill developemnt in absence of a school.

Who will undertake this program?

This program will be executed by parents using specially designed curriculum schedules and resources provided by Myhomeplayschool team.

How many hours a day do parent-child spend on this program?

There is set of activities that we outline for a day. It depends on the child and the environment around, how fast the child finishes all of those. Ideally an hour a day should be enough.

My child does not sit for long. How do I structure my day to undertake all activities of the program?

How you want to execute program activities depends entirely on you. You can opt for schedule base structure for some days and other days you could opt for Menu base structure.

In Schedule base format you fix time in a day and follow sessions as per the curriculum schedule in a pre-specified area of the house.

In the Menu base format, you undertake sessions at different times of the day with a focus on completion of activities. No fixed time or place.

However, we do suggest that with the older age group (more than 3/3.5 years) schedule base structure should be adopted.

Can any adult other than parents undertake the activities with the child?

These activities can be undertaken by any adult from the family as long as the learning outcomes have been understood. However, it is suggested that one of the parent/adult takes the responsibility for the flow of the program. For e.g, if both parents are working, then parents can orient the caretaker on the activities to be undertaken through the day. At the end of the day assessment can be taken by the parent.

Does this program include online classes as well?

No. This program gives the opportunity to parents to undertake real-life activities with the child. No Screen exposure is undertaken. We would however provide video tutorials for children and parents to understand how various activities should be undertaken and also to keep them motivated.

While doing an activity if my child does not behave as expected, can I look for any help?

Absolutely Yes. Our Support will be always there. You can call us / whatsapp us at 9999676960 (10 am - 6pm)

Is this program comparable to Nursery program in a formal K12 school?

Absolutely. The very idea of this program is to ensure that learning curve of your child keeps going up with time. The Curriculum is strictly as per framework provided by NCF India. It is based on experiential and inquiry based methodology.

Will my child be able to transition in a formal school easily?

Yes indeed. With all required skills and learning the child would not face any shortcoming and will seamlessly transition into formal structure of schooling. We at myhomeplayschool do provide support to parents to ensure transition is smooth.